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Education and raising awareness

top priorities for Beaujolais

One of the fundamental roles of a Geopark is to educate. The Beaujolais Geopark has teamed up with experts in the field. These experts are gathered in the working group "Educational Action".

The main objective is to make people discover and understand the territory, in the past and the present. The Geopark Beaujolais acts in schools to initiate pupils on geology and local geological history, making courses in classrooms or bringing pupils on fieldtrips.

It is a priority to inform inhabitants and visitors about this educational actions. By fieldtrips and educational documents, the Geopark team aims to make you discover the whole territory, and the geosites. Many tools are in development, such as a mobile application (in partenrship with Atelier Canopé 03), and sites are open to welcome you.

If you want to organize exhibitions, fieldtrips or another kind of project about environment, geology, heritage or sustainable development for a school public or an adult one, don't hesitate to contact us (geopark,pays-beaujolais,com). We can help you or can help you find skilled people.

Action plan

An initiative - action plan - to provide an educational programme about the activities of the Geopark was approved in 2015. This initiative aims to:

  • Set up a cooperative network of local participants
  • Activate the production of educational tools and materials by the Geopark
  • Collaborate and engage in joint production with members of educational bodies
  • Cooperate with universities and laboratories

The educational project targets a range of different groups:

  • Schools
  • The public and Geopark visitors
  • Awareness-raising and sensitizing initiatives directed at tourist professionals
Geopark Beaujolais

Famous throughout the world for its wines and vineyards, the Beaujolais is also a region shaped by man, who has reaped the benefits of the soil's diversity. Its past is literally written in stone: in the golden, red, white, grey or black rocks and stones that have visibly been put to good use in local construction. This remarkable geology has given rise to great diversity, not only in the landscapes and heritage, but also in terms of human activity, in the culture and traditions that form the identity of the Beaujolais region.