La Roche d'Ajoux, former Celtic site


La Roche d'Ajoux is a former Celtic site which is said to have had its own temple dedicated to Jupiter and the name Ajoux does in indeed have its origins in "ara jovis" meaning Jupiter's altar.

She's the 3rd highest peak in the Beaujolais, and differs from the other peaks in that there are no trees on its summit (volcanic rocks from the Carboniferous Period (350-325 Mya)). This makes it the best place to enjoy panoramic views with the Alps in the background.

It forms part of the Saint-Rigaud Massif and there are many paths (some of them going by the Roche) for hiking and mountain-biking in pristine nature. The GR7 ('Grande Randonnée' hiking trail that roughly follows the watershed between the slopes to the Mediterranean and those to the Atlantic) goes by the foot of the Roche.

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