Lac des Sapins


Le Lac des Sapins met à votre disposition les loisirs de plein air !

The Lac des Sapins, an artificial lake and major tourist attraction in the Rhone-Alpes region, has a 38-hectare body of water, forests, agricultural land and wetlands spreading over an area of around 70 hectares.

The lake, the centrepiece of this rural landscape, hosts a variety of outdoor activities (tree adventure park, horse-riding centre, etc.), restaurants (snackbars and a countryside inn) and accommodation (guesthouse for groups, four-star campsite, a village of tree-houses). In 2012, Lac des Sapins opened the largest natural swimming pool in Europe (8000 m²).

Along with all these activities, the Lac puts on events throughout the year. Sports events like the Lac des Sapins Triathlon, concerts, sound and light shows, etc.

Lac des Sapins, 69550 Cublize