Mont Saint Rigaud


Mont Saint Rigaud is the highest point in the department of the Rhône. At the top, a wooden tower with scenic viewpoint map surveys the Alps. The miraculous Saint Rigaud spring is believed to have many beneficial properties and is well worth the hike.

More this facilities, some picnic tables are laid out here and there, and there are two informative boards telling you about the history of the mount, its particular flora, etc, and recounting the legend of the Saint-Rigaud spring, a source of miracle...

This Mont is blanketed with mixed forest of the oak-hornbeam type. Its massif holds a wealth of nature and is classed as a ZNIEFF (high-value ecological sites in France). It is the only place where Eurasian treecreeper is known to reproduce and is also home to several rare animal species, such as the Boreal Owl.

The highest peak of the Rhone is made up of volcanic rocks encased in the schistose rocks from the Carboniferous (345-325 Mya).

Monsols, 69860 Deux-Grosnes