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Call for creativity - 2021 Edition

The Geopark Beaujolais is calling upon the creativity of the bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, confectioners and biscuit makers of Beaujolais for the creation of unique and authentic "gourmet geological souvenirs".

In 2018, the Beaujolais region was awarded international recognition from UNESCO in becoming a "UNESCO Global Geopark" thanks to its rich geological heritage and commitment to the protection, awareness and sustainable development of the area. In the Beaujolais region, the local geology is a great source of inspiration thanks to its fossils, rocks and minerals. In combining geology and delicious treats, visitors and locals of the region will be able to enjoy gourmet delights while learning about the unique characteristics of the Beaujolais region.

5 creations were selected by the jury for this first edition:

- Cours' pyrite

- Chocolate bar with geosite presentation

- Chocolate ammonite

- Chocolate Bourdon Tower

- Golden Stone biscuits

Do you want to offer visitors, employees or your loved ones an original and gourmet gift while supporting local artisans?

We invite you to order the gourmet geological souvenirs now by contacting the desired craftsman(s) directly.

All of the gourmet geological souvenirs as well as the contact details of the craftsmen are presented in the brochure below.

Other calls for creativity related to the geology of Beaujolais will be launched soon, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.