Beaujolais UNESCO Global Geopark
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Training courses

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Themed days

A day with an expert, combining theory and practice, on the theme of geology. These themed days are intended for anyone who would like to learn about the proposed topics. They have been especially designed for those who wish to become a "Geopark Beaujolais Guide". To obtain the "Geopark Beaujolais Guide" qualification, participants will need to attend five themed training days, including the 3 "mandatory" days.

Geosite Tours

A half-day outing to explore a geosite, accompanied by a guide from the Geopark Beaujolais. Find out about the Geopark initiative, and explore an iconic place of geological, historic, geomorphological, botanic or cultural interest, with some surprising facts. Followed by a chance to meet another nearby geopartner if possible.

Introductory sessions

If you are wondering "What is the UNESCO Global Geopark label?", "Why is there a Geopark in the Beaujolais region?", "What do they do?", "How can I get involved?", then this 2-hour session is for you. These sessions are organised all year long.

Geopark Beaujolais

Famous throughout the world for its wines and vineyards, the Beaujolais is also a region shaped by man, who has reaped the benefits of the soil's diversity. Its past is literally written in stone: in the golden, red, white, grey or black rocks and stones that have visibly been put to good use in local construction. This remarkable geology has given rise to great diversity, not only in the landscapes and heritage, but also in terms of human activity, in the culture and traditions that form the identity of the Beaujolais region.