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Sound and Light Show : The winegrower's oath

Du 15 juil 2020 au 18 juil 2020

The Oath of the Winemaker ®© makes you travel for 95min in the heart of the Beaujolais.
The show is projected on the facade of the Castle
To this technological tool is added the magic of the show thanks to a troupe of costumed actors and a fireworks display.

SYNOPSIS: An old winegrower, the Father of the Vines, tells young people the history of Beaujolais: history of the terroirs, History of France, history of the vine and the profession of winegrower.
Starting from the creation of the soil, it traces the centuries that have passed until our era, telling what forged our landscapes and what makes the reputation of our region today: the Roman invasion, the Middle Age, the Revolution, the creation of the vineyard and the 20th century.
In conclusion, the Winemaker transmits to young people what seems essential to happiness as well as the symbols of Beaujolais.

NEWS 2020: Several improvements have already been made: a bleacher of 1,000 seats will be erected above the vineyard plots, the stage will be 2 to 3 times larger, the actors will be much more numerous… and we are keeping a few more surprises secret!
The afternoon will also be enriched with thematic routes and short shows for all ages.
In the early evening, until the start of the show, various restaurants will be offered, as well as a snack bar and wine bar.

Tarif : Full price: 18 €, Reduced price: 10 €.

Sound and Light Show : The winegrower's oath
1100, allée de Nervers
69460 Odenas

Geopark Beaujolais

Famous throughout the world for its wines and vineyards, the Beaujolais is also a region shaped by man, who has reaped the benefits of the soil's diversity. Its past is literally written in stone: in the golden, red, white, grey or black rocks and stones that have visibly been put to good use in local construction. This remarkable geology has given rise to great diversity, not only in the landscapes and heritage, but also in terms of human activity, in the culture and traditions that form the identity of the Beaujolais region.