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Patrimoine Gourmand : Les Carrières de Glay

Le 24 août 2021

L'Office de Tourisme vous propose de découvrir le site remarquable des Carrières de Glay grâce à une visite guidée organisée en petit groupe, suivie à midi d'un pique-nique de produits locaux livré directement sur place et à déguster face au panorama !

Tarif : One price: 15 €.

Patrimoine Gourmand : Les Carrières de Glay
Chemin des Carrières
69210 Saint-Germain-Nuelles

Geopark Beaujolais

Famous throughout the world for its wines and vineyards, the Beaujolais is also a region shaped by man, who has reaped the benefits of the soil's diversity. Its past is literally written in stone: in the golden, red, white, grey or black rocks and stones that have visibly been put to good use in local construction. This remarkable geology has given rise to great diversity, not only in the landscapes and heritage, but also in terms of human activity, in the culture and traditions that form the identity of the Beaujolais region.