Conserving the heritage of dry stone construction

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Dry stone construction workshop for low walls, cadoles (traditional dry stone huts), etc.

The Heritage and Traditions Association has been organising introductory courses on dry stone construction techniques for over fifteen years now. These are held every second Friday and the following day of each month (except if it is raining or snowing, and over July and August). These hours spent in the world of rocks remind us of the geology that provides us with our materials.

Before placing a single stone on a low wall, new trainees are taught about the local geology. Then each stone is examined (shape, quality, geological origin, its fossils, its cleavage planes, etc.). It can then be fitted into the wall after some reworking (if necessary). At the end of the day, one is always surprised by the 'Facteur Cheval' effect - after all, cathedrals are built stone by stone.

Every 2nd Friday of the month and the following day.- 9h-17h

Booking & information :
Robert Braymand
Patrimoine & Traditions Association