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Map of the Geopark Beaujolais

Come and explore the remarkable landscapes and geological sites, taste the local products from the diversity of the soils, discover the natural and cultural heritage sites, and find out all about local savoir faire. In exploring the varied and surprising formations throughout the region, you will be learning about the history of the Earth itself, and how it is linked to the history of Mankind!

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Visitor's charter

Human presence has an impact on wildlife. When exploring natural areas, there are some precautions to take to minimise this impact.

Carshare or use public transport wherever possible to reach the locations for your visits.Buy local products to support the local economy.Do not go into the vineyards. They are on private property. Do not collect the fossils and other rocks!Use a reusable water bottle and take any rubbish home with you.Preserve the plant species all around you.Respect the wildlife.

  • Vineyards landscape seeing from mont brouilly beaujolais

What is a geosite?

UNESCO states that a site under the Geopark label "can be classed as a geosite if it possesses features of scientific interest, rarity, beauty, and educational value. Sites of ecological, archaeological, historical and cultural importance must necessarily be included as additional geosites representing intangible geological heritage".To this can be added, in the context of the Beaujolais Geopark project, that a geosite is a place where one or more object(s) and/or outstanding geological phenomena can be observed as the visible manifestation(s) of the geological history, events or processes that created it.

The main roles of a geosite are:

- To promote the exploration, development or celebration of the relations between geoheritage and other natural, cultural and intangible heritage aspects;

- To educate or inform the public about geoheritage;

- To contribute to sustainable local development; ...

It is important to bear in mind that, for reasons of conservation or of accessibility, not all geosites are suitable to be opened up to the public.